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Hellow~ everyone!  :)
Congratulations to all the work performed.

I´m not expertise, but i`ll try my best.
I'll show my WIP.
Description from my "Quarion Titan" version, I will add later.


taking 3 models(man, horse, falcon)

main cutting edges

separating the parts of the body I want

z- brush
 adjusting model and pose.


refining armor hard edge and pose.

3D model

silhouette character

Next, i hope finish the weapons details, and UV mapping.

Wow! So fast modeling!

Hi underzo not so fast...I begin in half may. And doing a little each day.
I hope finish...! 

Reconstruct wings and seeing a little how will be the shiny materials.

cheers for all! :)

Here I want to post my model in sketchfab. I have no success to finish in time.  But i liked too much  and got some experience.  :)
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Cool! I looked to put mine on Sketchfab but i really didn't dig too much to understand the details. And it looks it doesn't handle transparencies... am i right?

Nice model !

@uuderzo : sketchfab can handle transparency, AFAIK. Maybe you have to load the transparency map manually afterwards, but it does work.