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Hi, I bought Substance Painter on Steam version. When I check Substance Source from program and I can not able download any of them, except the free materials.
I have read about Substance Live thing but I'm kinda confuses about this whole how do I get it working on Steam version? Is there anything I need to pay?

Substance Source is only available for suscribers to the Substance monthly plan.
A Steam or non-steam standalone license does not grant access to Substance Source.

So, how do I get access at these subscribers? Should I really to pay off a new Substance license from Allegorithmic site? Or something when I already own Steam version? That's sound abit hard to me. :(

Sadly, these are 2 different offers.
you have some more info here:

I was thinking if I buy Substance license on this site, does it still works Steam version I already owned?
Sorry if I asking too much, I'm kinda noob at these all.

YOu will efectively have 2 separate licenses, both will work independently.

If you can't purchase Source membership for an additional fee why do you still advertise Substance Source in huge font capital letters at the bottom of the page here which is the substance painter product page (see hyperlink and image) as being a "Premium Content" then?

I thought the word Premium in this context is understood to literally mean something which is available for "a sum added to an ordinary price or charge; additional payment, extra amount/charge, additional fee". In no case can you pay a Premium for Substance Source because it is not possible to get the pack with substance source or the subscriptions without it.

Also isn't it just reasonable to assume if you saw something offered as premium content on the Substance Painter Product Page and then you decide to buy Substance Painter, that this premium content would be available for you to buy later if you should later want to use with the product you are purchasing? Or am I wrong?

Also you make reference to extra content being available at Substance Store but it looks like Substance store is now defunked.
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true that it can be misleading (even if "premium" doesn't necessarily means "more money to pay", it's often the case in today's usage).
I'll share this with the comm team, so we reword this.
And yes: Substance is clised since December 2016