Author Topic: License Error PLEASE HELP!  (Read 417 times)

Hello, i recently got substance painter, and i am using a student license, i haven't been able to do anything with it because it's requiring administrator privileges for a .bat file located in C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Local\Temp\install-lisence-qU5656.bat

I have disabled my anti-virus/firewall and also tried to replace the license manually from C:\Program Data\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\license.key and it still wont work... no matter what i try to do, any of the 3 options will not let me do anything without allowing the generated .bat file (Evaluate, Activate with license, activate with account).

 I have administrator privileges on my account, and i have also tried locating the file and running it as admin, as I am with substance painter. I have searched the forums, with no luck what so ever.

I am using an Asus notebook, Windows 10, quad core i7 processors, Nvidia geforce 820M graphics card, and 8Gb of ram, graphics drivers, as well as windows are both up to date. If anyone knows how to solve this, please let me know!

I have also sent an email with this exact thing in it to support, but hopefully i can get it resolved by you guys sooner! 
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Fixed my own issue, i went to C:\ProgramData\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter and found the license i had already replaced, when downloaded it was called SubstancePainterLicense.key I had renamed it to license.key and got it to work.