Author Topic: I need to randomly tile multiple image inputs with a 'copy' blend mode - how?  (Read 433 times)

Creating a rock substance and I was hoping to duplicate my existing Tile Sampler with flat colour variants of the rock inputs so I could edge detect down the line - however, it appears Tile Sampler's blending modes are limited to Max and Add/Sub.
Splatter doesn't take multiple inputs either, so am I forced to 'Copy' blend multiple Tile Generators/Splatter nodes together? Seems awfully convoluted, there must be a better alternative right?

Attached pic is my current setup:

Upper-most Tile Sampler drives the Substance you see in the 3D view, whilst the one below it uses flat colour variants of the rock image inputs - however, with Max blend, all you get is an almost white image (as seen in 2D view). What I want is each rock 'cut-out' and 'splattered' randomly with the rest in one image, almost like the rock shapes were cut out of paper and you scattered them on top of one another on a table.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated!