Author Topic: Reopen C4D file to find Substance textures with watermark?  (Read 845 times)

So I successfully used the plugin to texture a scene in C4D.

But when I close the project and reopen I get much different looking textures with what appears to be a watermark of some kind.

I thought that maybe the substance file was having problems loading correctly but all the channels look ok

The only workaround that I could find was to recreate new materials and reapply them but then the next time I open the project I have to do it all again. This problem it now getting too painful because I have many objects and it doesn't work correctly when submitting to a farm.

Substances were downloaded from Substance Share and I'm using R17 on a mac

Thanks for all your help


I think, what you are seeing there is a Substance shader that somehow lost the connection to a Substance asset. Why this is happening due to saving and re-loading a scene, I'm not sure. Haven't heard of such behavior, yet.
Maybe you can provide us with the scene (including Substance asset)? Or just the asset, if it happens with this all the time, regardless of material setup.

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