Author Topic: Substance plugin crashing Houdini upon opening new file  (Read 1026 times)

I have found that installing the Substance plugin has increased the frequency of Houdini crashing, especially when opening a new file. If I'm working in one file for a bit and then open a new one, Houdini often crashes completely with the attached crash log. As you can see, it looks like something might be happening with the Substance.dylib when it crashes

SideFX support said " The log shows the crash happening when the substance shop node is deleted so perhaps the substance node is deleting parts that the base node class tries to delete later on. So a double delete crash."

Crash report from kevin; Houdini Version 16.0.706 [macosx10.11-x86_64-clang7.3]
Uptime 275 seconds
Tue Aug 29 16:58:20 2017
Caught signal 11

2   libHoudiniUI.dylib                  0x000000010d872725 AP_Interface::coreDumpChaser(UTsignalHandlerArg) + 613
3   libHoudiniUI.dylib                  0x000000010d87435e AP_Interface::si_CrashHandler::chaser(UTsignalHandlerArg) + 46
4   libHoudiniUT.dylib                  0x000000011beb1120 signalCallback(UTsignalHandlerArg) + 1072
5   libHoudiniUT.dylib                  0x000000011c19a2b0 UT_Signal::processSignal(int, __siginfo*, void*) + 160
6   libsystem_platform.dylib            0x00007fffc3c0bb3a _sigtramp + 26
7   Substance.dylib                     0x000000012eaee1b0 .memset_pattern6 + 90544
8   libHoudiniUT.dylib                  0x000000011c5aa2bc img_ioState::~img_ioState() + 92
9   libHoudiniUT.dylib                  0x000000011bb20e75 IMG_Raster::~IMG_Raster() + 37
10  libHoudiniOP1.dylib                 0x000000010b384374 SHOP_Node::~SHOP_Node() + 308
11  Substance.dylib                     0x000000012ea378be SHOP_Substance::~SHOP_Substance() + 14
12  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b447d7d OP_Network::destroySingleNode(OP_Node*) + 717
13  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b432109 OP_Network::destroyNodes(UT_ValArray<OP_Node*> const&) + 1929
14  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b4467d7 OP_Network::clearAndDestroyNodes() + 87
15  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b446729 OP_Network::clearAndDestroy() + 249
16  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b447d16 OP_Network::destroySingleNode(OP_Node*) + 614
17  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b432109 OP_Network::destroyNodes(UT_ValArray<OP_Node*> const&) + 1929
18  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b4467d7 OP_Network::clearAndDestroyNodes() + 87
19  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b446729 OP_Network::clearAndDestroy() + 249
20  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b447d16 OP_Network::destroySingleNode(OP_Node*) + 614
21  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b432109 OP_Network::destroyNodes(UT_ValArray<OP_Node*> const&) + 1929
22  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b4467d7 OP_Network::clearAndDestroyNodes() + 87
23  libHoudiniPRM.dylib                 0x000000011b3cba42 OP_Director::clearNetwork(int) + 578
24  libHoudiniOPZ.dylib                 0x00000001084da713 MOT_Director::clearNetwork(int) + 35
25  libHoudiniOPZ.dylib                 0x00000001084d9e6d MOT_Director::resetForNewFile() + 45
26  libHoudiniAPPS2.dylib               0x0000000107c294c8 OPUI_SaveFile::newFile() + 216
27  libHoudiniAPPS3.dylib               0x000000010641397f FUSE_App::handleKeyboardEvent(UI_Event*) + 1887
28  libHoudiniUI.dylib                  0x000000010dc1bb88 UI_Queue::processNextEvent() + 920
29  libHoudiniUI.dylib                  0x000000010dc1b74c UI_Queue::drain() + 364
30  libHoudiniUI.dylib                  0x000000010dc1c120 UI_Queue::eventLoop() + 208
31  libHoudiniUI.dylib                  0x000000010d8776f4 main + 3908
32  libdyld.dylib                       0x00007fffc39fc235 start + 1

Hey kgmacnamara9,

I was able to reproduce the crash you are getting. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes you. :( I have made a bug report for this issue, and will inform the devs about this. Thank you for reporting this.
Integrations QA Analyst

Thanks for looking into it! Glad you were able to reproduce

If it helps, I seem to get this crash (with some likelihood, not 100% of the time) when a file close operation is triggered. So that can mean closing houdini, opening a new file, importing an fbx, etc. Looking forward to hearing the update

Hi, I just wanted to check to see if there is any movement on fixing this bug. Thank you.


Hey kgmcnamara9,

Sorry for the late reply! The dev team is aware of the issue, but unfortunately they are working on other integrations at the moment. I am not sure when they will get around to fixing this, but I reminded them that this is a big issue with the Houdini plugin. I'm sorry that I cannot deliver good news. :(

I will update this thread when it is fixed, however.
Integrations QA Analyst

Hey @kgmcnamara9,

We have released a new Houdini plugin version today which should fix this, now available on the download page.

Please let us know if this resolves your issue and if you have any further issues :)
Integrations QA Analyst

Ah that fixed it! Thank you. This was actually corrupting some of my files because there was no way to delete certain nodes without a crash. Thanks again. Seems to be working