Author Topic: Include Packed Export Format  (Read 375 times)

Would it be possible to include a packed format for Metal, Roughness, and AO?

I am using the substance from UE4 and there are limited texture slots available....


It's more something that would be handled by the integration (our Substance UE4 plugin) as on the Source side it would require to duplicate datas or add a lot of parameters (with some constraint in what's possible to do).
I know this is something we have on our roadmap but I'll discuss about it with our integration team.
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Thanks Gaetan - That would be awesome.  Now that the UE4 Substance plugin enables easy direct download from substance source on the toolbar - the fact I have to go manually create a packed texture is sooo cumbersome.

Just a checkbox to select a packed Metal/Rough/AO output directly.

Thanks again