Author Topic: Seperate Meshes or combine into 1 mesh?  (Read 1356 times)

     I am fairly new to Substance Painter and I suppose modelling for gaming in general.  After following several tutorials, I am trying to get a workflow question answered.  In many of the tutorials the object that is being modeled is split into different meshes that have space between them.  The reason being for the AO bake if the polys are too close together you get baking issues.  I am wondering if this matters if you have it all combined into 1 mesh before import into Substance Painter?  Typically, I would always connect meshes together and just split up things by material, and Substance can use material ID, so I am wondering if there is any other reason to split up the meshes if they are already combined into 1 mesh. 

Hey, for this case, we developed the "match by name" feature: this way, you don't have to explode your mesh for the baking process.
Take a look at this video ;)

Yes, I saw this tutorial, but I guess that is where my questions came from.  I usually don't separate parts of the mes at all unless there is a really good reason.  Is it better to split them up and use the match by name, or if it's all 1 mesh, does that help eliminate the problems with the AO bake errors?  I was going to do some testing but I figured someone has tried this already.

There's no 1 rule for every model.  It depends on your new mesh.  Sometimes you can just adjust setting sliders to fix errors, sometimes you'll have to do individual bakes.

Match by mesh name is great if you're organized in your modelling prep and want to avoid the "explode" method of baking.

How to find what to do? Do test bakes (just bake normal and ao, for example).  More experience you have more you know ahead of time whether to split mesh parts or not.

Ok, that is pretty much what I expected.  I had not really had issues before just using 1 unified mesh but then again, I had not been using this method so I wasn't sure if it was mandatory to break it up.

let us know what you found out please.