Author Topic: I have no license?  (Read 365 times)

Hello and sorry for my bad English. Not my native language. these are my questions:

I bought substance indie by steam. Also, I have installed your programs by steam (Designer, Painter and B2M 3). they work without problems. But when I login in your page…

The page informs me that I do not have any licenses. How can that be correct?
And another question. As a purchaser of the Substance Indie Pack product, should not I be able to download some substances in substance source? Or should I necessarily buy a Substance subscription? And in this last case: What has served me to buy Substance Indie Pack?

I'm a newbie with Substance. Sorry if I said any nonsense

Thanks and best regards

CaminanteBinario (BinaryWalker)

Please contact us directly on for licenses inquiries.

Ok. Thanks.

CaminanteBinario (BinaryWalker)