Author Topic: Loading Bar frozen when opening project  (Read 226 times)

Hi there,
I've worked on a company project the last few days. Today I runned into a issue while opening the project again. The red loading bar at the beginning stops around 60%. I've tried to re-open the project in Substance Painter 2.6.1 (which I've used so far) and also in 2017.2.0 (convert project). Both still isn't working and come down to the same result. My graphic card is a TITAN X with actually releaded drivers. The issue now, I can't even export my textures out to continue in another project cause the project/thumbnails won't load to 100%. I've attached the 2017.2.0 log file and a screenshot.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Could you send us the project by any chance?

Hey Jeremie, thanks a lot. I've sended you a mail with the download link.

I'm having the same issue here with both files on a more recent beta build. We will investigate as soon as possible.

Hi Jeremie,
thank you for your report, got the same result on different PCs. It's a very strange circumstance I think  :o Thanks for the support, I appreciate that.