Author Topic: Substance Tools on Surface Pro or Surface Laptop?  (Read 1574 times)

I am looking to pick up either a Surface Pro (2017) or a Surface Laptop. The configurations for both include an Intel HD 620 integrated video card. Now I know that Allegorithmic themselves do not recommend integrated graphics, but I'm wondering if anyone here has had any luck with this configuration? Im looking to mostly run Designer, but Painter would be good to know as well. Thanks!

An HD 620 will be fine for SD, which can run almost entirely on the CPU anyway, but you will likely not be able to use Substance Painter properly, especially since these chips don't have any dedicated video memory.

To put that a bit more boldly, Painter will definitely not be usable. Painter is seriously heavy on the gpu.
And you would probably be best off running designer on the CPU engine, which works just fine, but is limited at a 2k resolution and also has some bitdeph limitations.
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I can confirm that both Substance Painter and Substance Designer function on a Surface Pro 4. I've been using these since my Surface Pro 3 which worked but had a hard time of it. SP4 manages better but I wouldn't recommend the Surface Pro line as a main platform for professional work, they do experience crashes and other issues. Either way, you can bake and export anything up to 4k (before the change which forced a requirement of 2GB Vram it was even possible to export in 8k) but it's not really tolerable to work in that resolution. It's best to leave it at 1k but 2k can also be acceptable depending on your tolerance and your scene. This is for the higher end Surface Pro 4 with 16GB of ram and intel i7 processor.