Author Topic: Updated to SP 2017.3.0 on Mac and it crashes all the time now  (Read 517 times)

Everything was working just fine and dandy on my MBPRO (2015 i7 16GB RAM). I kept getting that annoying "there's a new update available" prompt, so I thought I would download it. After the update to 2017.3.0, I can't even work in it now. Adding one single layer crashes the software EVERY TIME! This is flat out unacceptable. Someone told me that updating my OS to Sierra would solve it, so I spent the 2 hours doing that. No change! I regret EVER buying this buggy mess of a program! I'm going to 3D Coat and telling every other Mac user to stay away from SP. No help from Algorithmic, other than "it must be your fault user." Even though I have tried every solution offered on every thread I could find. What the Q@&$ is going on here?!?!


There is no "known issue" happening with Mac OS with SP 2017.3.
I see that you posted a message in the SP forum, and our team is helping you there.
There's no need to post messages in other threads.

In the meantime, I would suggest you to simply download the SP 2017.2 if it was working fine for you. You can find it on your Allegorithmic account, in the Licenses part with the "View all builds" link.

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