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I've been using Substance Designer in my work recently and I've noticed the SVG tools within the app are still very limited. It would be great to have the option to create complex SVG shapes and patterns with a node graph in the same way that substances are created.

Function nodes already work in a sub graph context with their own unique node set and perhaps SVG's could work in a similar way?

It would certainly yield some huge efficiency improvements if some operations done with pixel/raster based nodes could be done in vector instead i.e tiling, shape booleans etc.

There is an open source project called nodebox - that operates in this way which the developers at Allegorithmic might want to check out.

I've been using it to generate patterns and shapes and importing the result into Designer, but it would be awesome to have this ability in the app without round tripping.

It's written in Java but maybe it could be ported?



Apologies I've just realised I've posted this in the wrong place! Would a moderator mind moving it to the Substance Designer feature requests area please?