Author Topic: Highpoly To Lowpoly old school re-projection  (Read 353 times)

-Hello, guys, I have a little doubt I have a model already texture in painter and I want to transfer my textures generators all to a low poly mesh.

the thing is I want to render my high poly in vray and my low poly in unreal engine 4 but if my high poly is already painted in substance painter.
 Can I reproject all my layers to a low poly? my main goal is the unreal engine 4 and vray match the textures showing a correct workflow in both worlds high and low physically base render.

I saw this tutorial and try it and its possible but I am not sure if I change the mesh poly numbers the program will work properly. Every generators and masks will work? because I did just a quick test with something very simple.

thanks for your time! I used to reproject all in 3d max before PBR times.

It should work properly if you worked only in the 3D view. Actions done in the 2D view will not reproject correctly. Also, if you use the polygon selection tool to create masks for example, these will be different since your topology has changed.
If you have access to Substance Designer, you can also use the texture transfer baker there to do the reprojection.

I am thinking to get it into substance designer it has many interesting tools and looks like is the brother of substance painter or it is one Software divided it into two parts. My question is substance designer and painter together can reproject textures from high to low poly (different mesh different uvs) if it is already done in Painter.

off course I will use 2d tools for my masks and the polygon selection is one key tool in Painter.

do you have any videos on textures baker transfer? I am kind of building my new pipeline for PBR workflow, the thing is I used to render in very high poly like movies or cinematic with vray and I want to show that my work it is good in high and low PBR.

I attached a pipeline plan just if anyone has a better idea or any suggestion, critique or a more clever efficient way to solve this puzzle any help will be appreciated.

thanks a lot Jeremie