Author Topic: Some mesh components being ignored by bakers  (Read 254 times)

This doesn't happen very often, but recently I've been having a couple issues with specific mesh components that are for some reason being ignored by bakers in both SD and SP.

I'm doing the Mesh ID baking approach, with each mesh component named perfectly, UVs are great, all xforms reset before exporting, etc. The bakers just are not picking up some of the mesh components, and are just leaving them blank in every baker that requires a Mesh ID (AO from mesh, Normal from Mesh, and Color ID).

Anyone know what else could be causing this? In the mean time I'm gonna just do a material ID bake to see if that works. I'm using the default .01 for front a rear projection values, which normally works just fine.

I managed to correct the problem by rebuilding that mesh component from scratch, but I'm still curious about how and why this was happening, because I was genuinely baffled by it. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Once that happened to me and I never knew exactly what was the problem (maybe RAM or VRAM being) But I closed the program, restarted the system rebaked and everything worked fine from then on!