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7/18/14: Finale

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Dreams... they are part of the human experience. Some say they are conduits, linking the mortal realm with the spiritual, pathways in which both gods and demons can either inspire or strike fear into the minds of mortal men. Rarely however, are such dreams shared consistently amongst a group of people, rarer even if its in the same region.

For those living around Mount Fuji, one such dream has left those lucky enough to experience it in a state of wonder. Those who are familiar with this dream have written that in it, they see giant glowing lights floating above a sleeping figure. Its been hard to get a detailed account of what that hunched figure looks like, however one of the local children insisted that it was a giant with the head of a turtle. Whether that is accurate or not, its all we have to go off of for now. One thing can be considered an absolute though, everyone we talked to agrees that the dreams make them feel safe... protected.

Perhaps something sleeps deep within the earth under or around Mount Fuji...perhaps it is one of the lost children of Gaia, a warden of the earth and perhaps... we will never know.... unless its slumber is disturbed. Let's hope that doesnt happen, for if it a warden of the earth, what awakens it will endanger us all.

Rough Concept:

This is a concept I came up with for the contest, a month later I finally have time to give it some proper attention. Going to be cutting it close though.

I quickly took it into zbrush and began blocking out its form. Since the concept is rough, a lot of the details are going to be generated on the stop. I expect to make many revisions during the next day or two.

Once done:
Retopo in Modo
Material assignment in Modo Update: Opted to do both in Zbrush due to time constraint
Baking and texturing in Substance Designer/Painter

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Continuing from where I left off... Nothing drastic..yet.

Placing the rope and defining pelvic region/gear.

Not much to show off at the moment.

Happy enough with this pass to begin the retopology process... that is both time consuming and boring. Zremesher gave me some results I wasnt able to make use of in a way I was happy with. Manual hand retopo and UVing in progress (Modo).

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Finally have Kame-Sama in a low poly form (under 70,000 tris). I can begin texturing, adding extras like his spirit orbs and added flair.

Here he is in Modo with a normal map applied.

Warden of the East, Kame-Sama in Marmoset 2.

Texturing is underway.

Did a quick paint over in Modo for use in designer and painter, also tossed it into Marmoset for a quick preview (only diffuse map). 

Been a bit busy, but I finally have a day to focus on finishing up the texture work.

Spent some time getting to know Substance Painter more...and so far it has blown me away. My initial impression during the closed beta pretty much left it untouched for the longest time, but thanks to the tutorials by Wes and the improvements made so far, Painter has gone above and beyond what it would take to leave me impressed. In fact, I scrapped almost everything I did in Modo as far as the textures are concerned. Props Allegorithmic!

Dumping some images to show progress... Almost done. Emission map is all thats left, plus the platform. Then getting it to look just right inside the renderer.

Just about done... time for another image dump.

One of the perks for us Modo users is something called the Mesh Reduction tool. Pretty much lets you cut down on polycount automatically while retaining UV information and for the most part, silhouette.

You can see it here.

I made sure to make use of everything Substance Painter has to offer.... In fact the challenge was pretty much to paint everything in Painter. I only had to use an image editor to prep it for final export.

Even B2M got used for a moss brush/tool.

Kame-Sama chillin in Modo...Prepping for final export.

And of course the stage for the Titan getting the finishing touches...

Doesnt look so good in this form...
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Final Renders coming in...

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Good luck everyone.

Sharing a turntable here:
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A comical farewell piece(s).

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