Author Topic: Redshift PBR workflow looks incorrect.  (Read 795 times)


I can't work out why my render in redshift doesn't look like what I have in substance painter. I've exported my textures using the redshift metal/roughness preset and I have set my material up according to the maya workflow in the documentation but my material just isn't shiny enough. I'm even using the same HDRI. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, the fresnel seems to be off...

So if you found an answer I would really like to know it!

So if you found an answer I would really like to know it!

I was told on the redshift forums to use the arnold 5 preset and 'eyeball' the reflectivity colour within the redshift material.

I've been having exactly the same issue. Up until recently all my models had some kind of metal material but my latest model is all fabric and the reflections weren't looking right in Redshift. I switched fresnel from Metalness to IOR and set IOR to around 1.2 which seemed to give better results. Also add a color correct node between the Roughness node and the RS Material node then adjust the gamma / contrast. Let me know if that helps!
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