Author Topic: Tiling Pile of Objects [solved]  (Read 459 times)

Hello, I am creating a tiling texture of spheres and am currently using the tile sampler. I doesn't fill the texture up with spheres and I have to layer many tile samplers in series with different offsets to acheive this. is there a mode simple way to fill the screen with pile of objects?

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If all the spheres are roughly the same (maybe difference in size) you can use an FX map to do this. 

This is a good tutorial on how to make a grass texture using an FX map that would give you the same general results with spheres:

Basically you would have an input image of a sphere, and you will write a function to randomly place it on the X and Y with a random (or not random size), then have the node iterate and do it again with new random values.  Then you have it iterate that possibly hundreds of times until you have the coverage you want. 

Thank you very much that was exactly what i needed.