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So i'm probably missing something basic but i'm having the hardest time with my normal bakes.

I've just started playing with substance painter and have very quickly run into an issue baking maps. I've been following the youtube videos put up by allegorithmic but everything just works for them and I haven't run across mention of what my problem could be.

here are my meshes and settings.

My google searches havee come back with a few solutions that seem loosely related but their solutions don't change anything. Changing the Max Front and rear distances didn't change anything, Dialation anywhere between 1 and 10 didn't change anything. one even mentioned changing RGB16F to 32F which also gave no result. I did all combinations of smoothed and unsmoothed objects.and I added a little more geometry to the Low poly.

I started working with a cube to try and understand what was going wrong. with all of the same test as above then trying to change the sizing on the objects. Making the high poly enclose the low and vise versa. all of which give these same little lines.

I downloaded and tried the scifi box that they do in the tutorials, that worked just fine.

What am I missing? What is it that I am doing to mess this up?

I had the same problem this morning. Select your edges and try smoothing the edges and then do the bake. Those things will go away.


The issue is the hard edges on the mesh but the UVs are continuous. Please check this video as it explains how to solve this issue.

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