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What is the status of iOS/Android support for Substance textures in UE4?

I don't seem to be able to package a project for iOS if the substance plugin is enabled. I thought the plugin was an editor only feature, but maybe I am incorrect and some elements are required at runtime? When can we expect support?

Thank you!

Hi @TTimo,
The Substance UE4 plugin does not currently support mobile platforms but this will change in the near future. We don't currently have an estimation on when this will be added but it is very high on the list.

I can post an update in this thread when this feature is available. :D

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Ok .. is it possible to turn those SubstanceTexture2D assets into regular UE4 materials? What do we lose in the process?


Any update on this? Either regarding manually converting to standard UE4 materials, or to an early release of the iOS support?

I am wondering the same. I would like to be able to use the license that i bought