Author Topic: Position editor snap grid, // and how to extract dominant gray value?  (Read 76 times)


I would like to use the newly released Float2 / Position or Transform Offset editors on an exposed parameter, and keep the possibility to use Steps, or any custom function on it.
The draggable controllers override the values and don't listen to Steps or to my function.
SoI can't have my draggable controller to "snap" on pre-set points.
Unless I could extract the value I generated with the controller, and round it?
I am using the float2 on a Transform 2D node by the way.

I am looking for a work around to this, any idea?

The first work around that I found brings me to a second question I'm also stuck on:

I would need to extract the dominant gray scale value on the totality of my input pixels, so say the dominant is 255 (white) I would define 255 = x, y and I'd have what I want, but I am stuck at extracting this value and exploiting it.

I tried watching some Pixel Processor videos as I thought it would be the key to extracting this value, but it doesn't seem like I can then input it and use it in a function?

What do you think?
Thank you!
Hope I'm being clear don't hesitate if you'd like more informations
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Hello, here is an update on this case, if someone else is having this struggle I could have my Position draggable controller to snap on X and Y integer values using a pixel processor, the Crop Grayscale one, tehen you can edit the value however you want and it will take it in consideration!

As of the second question, I'd love to find a way to do that I guess the processing time would be shorter.