Author Topic: Exporting Maps: REDSHIFT_Metal Roughness presets no more available  (Read 498 times)

Hallo everybody,
with the new versions of SUB Painter from (i actually have the 2017 4.0) is no more available the REDSHIFT_Metal Roughness presets, WHY? There are ONLY ONE great tutorial about the workflow between SP and C4D-Redshift ( but now we can't follow it because that preset are no more available...!
And now, what we have to do to if we want to use Metal/roughness workflow in Redshift - C4d?
The only Redshift preset available now seem to have any Matalness map...

P.s. I ask me if there are REALLY good reasons to change something on every new version of Sub Painter.
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There was never a Redshift_Metal Roughness preset by default afaik.
This is a custom preset available on the author's page:

Ah, okay, but how can load it in Sub painter? It is a .spexp file format: I tried to past it in the Sub Painter plugins folder bit it doesn't work...
Please help!

You need to import it in your shelf, either by drag and drop in Painter or by copying it in your shelf/export preset/ folder.

Great J, it works!

Many thanks! ;D