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Dear all,

Congrats again to all the winners :) and thanks for all participants, the average level of quality was astonishingly high.

For your information, here is the top 20 ranking (including ties) of the Battle of the Titan contest. We'll get back to you soon with more details and comments from the jury and we'll keep showing off all your creations in the coming weeks and make sure everybody's aware of your artworks :)

1   Nicolas Garilhe   - Unchained Titan
2   Gregory Strangis   - Ugarok
3   Eddie Munoz   - Oceanus
4   Jae Kum   - Anti Alien 2 Legged Defender
5   Kevin Murphy   - Mithala(Kreiken)
6   Adam Scott   - Tundrashift Krulo
7   Sylvain Castelanelli   - Selves
8   Javier Lopez   - Hydra
9   Wandah Kurniawan   - Koronus
10   Pasha Guba   - Insania Devastator
11   Kfir Merlaub   - Fiend of Chaos
12   Nazedo   - Oceanus titan
13   Daniele Angelozzi   - ilmenitetitan
14   Halinka   - Atlantic Mermaid
14   Sam Bivens   - Kronos Titan
14   Umberto Uderzo   - The Enslaved Angel
15   Benji Todd   - Dragoth
16   KENGOMIYAKUNI   - Yokai
17   Francisco Gutierrez   - Purple Lazarus Guardian
17   Vincent Gradt   - Abyss
18   Eli Tuttle   - mk3n-TTAI
19   Loic Anquetil   - Macblast
19   Kevin McGinnis   - Metron
20   Bastien Carrier   - Stonewalker

Stay tuned!


Ouch, probably shouldnt have listed anything past 10. Ignorance is bliss in some cases.

Ouch, probably shouldnt have listed anything past 10. Ignorance is bliss in some cases.

Agreed :-(, a chip off the old ego I guess.

Congratulations to top three! Love all of top ten.

Hope there are another worthy challenge come up nearly future.

Congrats to Nicolas, and to all the winners. Thank you Alexis for posting the top 20 list. Getting placed in that ranking has made my day. I'm honored to have been a part of this journey. Thanks Allegorithmic for this opportunity and my fellow artists who gave me advice throughout the competition.

Thanks Alexis for the top 20. As a newbie i'm honoured being listed. Hope doing better next time!


Thank you for letting us know how more of them staked up.  I hadn't seen the number one spot previous to the release and was sure that Kfir's Fiend of Chaos was going to be up there.  To break on 11th place there.

Alexis as Allegorithmic posts more information about the contest could you maybe go into what in the graphs they were looking for or some of the things that were really impressive in custom graphs? 

As a side note, the "consolation price" for those who didn't reach the top ten is a very nice gesture from Allegorithmic.
It was really a great challenge, and I learnt a lot in the process, as I had joined the substance community only a few weeks ago. Besides, the work and WIPs of the competitors was very inspiring, and I sure will go back to these WIPs a lot to steal ideas and how-to.

I really hope Allegorithmic keeps up this fantastic support of the community going. It's contests like these that make me a strong supporter of their very innovative software. Hopefully I can take the experience I've gained through this contest and apply it to my indie company. I can't wait to start showing people the things I'm starting to cook up!

It was definitely a fun project, still a lot to learn in Substance Designer as it updates. The coupon price for those not on the top 10 is definitely a nice gift from Allegorithmic. Lots of inspiring work and neat ways to texture in SD and SP.
Anthony Garcellano | Environment Artist

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these Titans are truly beautiful.  Thank you for sharing your talents and showing us the capacity of these new artistic tools through your skills.  Best of luck to you in the future, and thank you Allegorithmic for the chance to participate.  FarNiche.

Congrats to each and everyone of you guys. It was fun and instructive.
Thanks Allegorithmic team for this challenge, I can't wait for the next one.

See yall ;)
Here's a link to the movie I'm currently working on.
You're welcome to like, participate, state your mind about the project, etc....