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hi there following the aged wood planks tutorial and having this reoccurring issue with the edge detect in the large-medium shape's frame. on loading the graph it effectively detects the edge from the warp in basic shapes but with a weird corrosion like pattern/texture on the image. I was initially able to fix it by changing the tolerance and it would revert back to the desired white brick image that you have in the video (a few back at this point), but now when I do this on load up it just goes blank. was wondering what you recommend?

I have the same issue. I've had it happen in the other tutorials, as well. 

It's frustrating because it doesn't look/act like the videos at all. :-\

Edit: The only way I can get anything to show up is to set Edge Width = 1 and Edge Roundness = 0. (But that's not very useful, although it does pick out some edges.)
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I'm sorry for this issue. It sounds like the input coming into the Edge Detect is 8bit. This will cause the artifacts. Make sure the Tile Generator is outputting L16 values. Also, make sure that the Engine is set to the GPU under Tools>Switch Engine.

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It sounds like the input coming into the Edge Detect is 8bit. This will cause the artifacts.

Thank you! 8)

I'll give this a try, but I'm not seeing any artifacts. I see either a totally black or white square, unless I turn the settings down (as I detailed above).

Is there any chance that will be getting a 16-bit (or greater) edge detect? That would be nice, although I think I can see why it's only 8 bit since the output value is either black or white.

I can officially suggest this feature, if that will help.

Under Switch Engine I had SSE2 selected. I switched to DirectX and that seems to have been my issue.

So this brings up the question, is DirectX the same as "GPU"?

Hi everyone !
I was looking for answers, regarding edge detect issues and i found this post.
My tiles samplers are all L16 and under switch engine i use Direct3D 10.
Can't find how to get rid of those artifacts into interstices...!

If i set Edge roundness up to 1, artifacts are gone, same job with Edge width, up to around 1.2 artifacts disappear...

Hope someone could help me for this.. ;D
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