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So this is the first time that it happened to me - the substance I made just won't open correctly with the new plugin. It's a simple black brick material. The old one has no problems with it (it's the upper one). I have literally no idea what the reason could be but I could upload the whole graph if it is needed, just let me know. I use max 2018. I attached a screen shot.

Hi @visometria_mielnik,
I believe I can help.  :D If you upload the graph, I would be more than happy to look into this issue.

Software Engineer, Integrations

Sure, thanks for looking into it. While you're here would you be so kind and look into this material as well? Uploading screenshots and graphs here. This time the substance won't work with none of the plugins and the procedural data that I put out won't work either.

Links to sbs files in my dropbox: