Author Topic: Seehr Sketchbook - Materials  (Read 172 times)

Hello guys!
I have been learning and practicing Substance a lot lately. I hope you like some of the results.

Rocky ground:
Full res and graph here:


The first "flaky"  substance really impresses me.  Great-looking substance, and your rendering shows it off very well.

The rocky one is wonderful, too.  But those flakes really jumped out at me.

Thank you for your response!
Yeah, I think I overdid the flake thing. I wanted a very noisy volcanic look but it's too much. Thanks for the feedback!

That's sort of funny.
Your "overdone" feature was what I liked the best.
So, on one hand, it was incredibly impressive.
But on the other hand, you did not achieve the look you wanted.

I look forward to seeing more from you.
Thanks for sharing.

Some Roman very old and damaged mosaic floor

High res and more images here:

Desert materials!
You can see the graph and full res here: