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It's such a tedious job exposing gazilion parameters . Would be so much user friendly if we could just clone a certain node and just make a single necessary parameter unique.   Much like any 3d soft could do.

To be honest the whole idea of "exposing"  seems pretty inconvenient to me. I regularly can't figure out a thing in my own sbs files after exposing through several sub-graphs.   It's also extremely inconvenient to do  subtle tweaks  since you have to do  lots of extra clicks. 
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Totally agree.
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Even being able to copy/past settings between nodes would be a huge time saver.

For example, right now I have made a custom version of the scratches generator. When I want to update my graph with this new node, I have to manually transfer all settings from the old to the new node. A "Copy settings" function that would apply all variables with a similar name would save me a lot of time.