Author Topic: Is B2M3 capable of 5000x5000px images?  (Read 736 times)

Is  B2M3 capable of 5000 x 5000 px images?

ANSWER ARRIVED: Tech support just now wrote back to my email, "Can't export resolutions higher than 4k".

I need to print 1:1 for PRINT.

64-bit Operating System
Processor Intel(R) (4 Processor) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz
Memory (RAM) 32.0 GB
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Gaming graphics 11904 MB Total available graphics memory 
Primary hard disk 123GB Free (223GB Total)
Dedicated Graphics Memory 4096 MB
Shared system memory 7936 MB
DirectX version DirectX 10
Hard Disk(s) 1835 GB

I'm using the trial, the other issues I'm experiencing are on the website, doesn't stay logged in even though I check 'stay logged in'.

As far as the B2M3 issues I've found annoying in the trial version:
1. Please change the output file name default to ‘filename’ _base_color.png etc instead of the ubiquitous ‘BitMap2Material’ for each texture - it’s tedious having to change each one continuously!

2. Make PNG the default - make a ‘choose default’ format setting!

3. The output file needs to be manually changed all the time - another incomprehensibly demoralizing waste of time! Make the OUTPUT file size change to the size of the INPUT file P L E A S E!

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Hey, thanks for the feedback: most of this would be doable using Substance Designer (which most advanced)

Thank you, however, I don't relate to 'nodes' very well... and I like the layout of B2M3 much more, it's more intuitive for me than nodes are. I would have purchased B2M3 on sale, however, I was informed I needed to have access to FACEBOOK and
WeChat - and FaceBook is blocked by the Great Chinese Firewall, and WeChat is Chinese - therefore, as a result, I went with KNALD for the convenience of access, 8000x8000 resolution and quality bitmap to texture, although I preferred the B2M3 layout and controls, especially the seamless controls, which KNALD does not possess in version 1.2., howeverf, KNALD has the file name, and import export controls which were what I wanted in B2M3, so it was a trade-off, however, the breaking point was that, because I'm in China, I have difficulty accessing the sites where I could benefit from a B2M3 sale - and I would have jumped at the opportunity to buy B2M3 on sale - but that was out of the question - so I went with KNALD.