Author Topic: Zbrush multi subtool -> Substance workflow  (Read 780 times)

what is the best way to get a Zbrush mesh with multiple subtools exported to Substance Painter for baking with proper naming conventions and without having to decimate?

in the past i've decimated each subtool, import to 3ds Max, add proper naming conventions for baking, add material for the ID map, then select all pieces and export as a single mesh. The problem with this is Im having to do all my baking using decimated meshes. My goal is to be able to bake without having to decimate anything.

ive also tried naming my subtools with the _high suffix in Zbrush and use the 3D Print Hub to export a single OBJ. however this process renames the individual subtools which breaks the naming convention needed for a clean bake.

It's a little bit confusing what you're asking, maybe help us (or at least me) get a clearer picture.

You're decimating're having issues loading the subtools in Painter?  If you don't want to decimate, why can't you just export straight from Zbrush?  You can export uv unwrapped subtools with their own mat id as fbx in zbrush and import that in Painter as your low poly meshes.  And do the same if you need high poly meshes if you're going to do a bake by mesh name. 

If you don't need high-to-low bake, export the full res meshes into Painter (as much as your computer hardware will allow you polycount-wise).

I have additional questions but those are my first questions figuring out how to make your process work.
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ok i might be an idiot. in prior releases of substance you could only load 1 high res mesh. this caused me to have to bring in each subtool to 3ds Max so i could properly name them and do a group export.

i also found out the FBX export from Zbrush works well and respects the names of each subtool