Author Topic: Can students download older versions of substance painter?  (Read 93 times)

My school has an older version and I can't open up work I've done at home. When I go to "my licenses" it says I don't own any (I assume because I have a free student version), so I can't download older versions from that page. Is there anywhere I can find it?
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Student licenses only gives you access to 2017.x versions. You should ask your school to upgrade their licenses :)

I did. We have 100s of computers and they have to update over breaks so they don't take down all of the computers during the semester. I wish your stuff was backwards compatible or you had older versions available for students as you're not selling the older versions anyway. This is a common problem with design students and other engines like Maya and Unreal have older versions available to download.
I mean, at this point, I'm forced to pirate.

I mean, at this point, I'm forced to pirate.

I am sympathetic to your plight, but there are other options:
a) Do the work in the graphics art lab, even if the hours and location are inconvenient - What do other students do?
b) Possibly convince the school to upgrade SOME of the Painter installations.

It is easy to "justify" actions.  We've all done it.  But as you look forward to a great career, consider carefully the person you want to become.

Best wishes and good luck.

I mean, at this point, I'm forced to pirate.

Forced? Poor choice of words. You are choosing to use illegal, pirated software. No one, or situation, can force you to act out of character.


I wish your stuff was backwards compatible...

I know what you meant, but for future reference, Substance Painter is "backwards compatible."

A new version of Painter (and Designer) can open older project files, which is the meaning of that term.
Example:  Version 2.1 can open v2.0 and v1.5 files.

Very, very rarely is software "forward compatible," which is what you are asking for.  It is diffiult for a devloper to know what data structure changes will occur in the future.  Expecting v1.5 to be able to gracefully open a v2 file is asking a lot. 

Even backward compatibility is often limited to one or two major releases.  Enabling v9 to be able to open v1 or v4 data files would require a lot of software bloat to attempt to do all those historical data conversions and updates.  Sometimes people have to Open and Re-save all their files every couple of software releases to keep their files reatively current.  Or a company might provide a separate "data update" utility to keep all that crud out of their ain application.

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