Author Topic: Sand dune ripples - need help  (Read 78 times)


I'm trying to achieve the type of lines that appear horizontally across each sand dune below:

(Bradford Smith texture as reference)

I've tried tile sampler w my base sand dunes as a vector map multiplier (extreme levels applied), but no luck. It just places the input image to the left and the right of the dune; not across.

Thank you to anyone for help and if there needs to be more clarification let me know.

Shaun M.
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yeah i've had this issue as well. and have tried similar things!

It might not be the extact result you're trying to achieve, but I find that sphere to be quite impressive.
It looks "done" to me.   :)

I apologize,... when i said "(Bradford Smith texture as reference)", i was saying that was what I was using for reference, as in that's me giving the artist credit underneath. That's not my texture/sphere lol; that's more of what i'm going for. I see it's possible in his example which leads me to believe there's a way (unless zbrushed)

Oops.   :-[

I briefly noticed the "credit" below the picture, but thought you were referring to the marked-up gray-scale inserts as being your reference.

My fault for posting too hastily.