Author Topic: example script how to automate sbsar and sbs file creation of megascans surfaces  (Read 1414 times)

Hello dear Allegorithmic

I have X00+ megascan surfaces all in a folder structure as created by Quixel's Bridge application.
What i would love to do is add a .sbs and .sbsar file into each material directory so they can be easily used with your tools as well as Megascan Studio (by keeping the folder structure).
Somehow i hope the automation toolkit is capable of providing this, and even more i hope Allegorithmic would be willing to provide such a script since i lack the skills to write one myself.
I'm sure i'm not the only one that likes to mix assets and tools from both Algorithmic and Quixel so probably this would make many of your users very happy.

Thanks for all your work , i love your tools


This is a great idea and we are currently assessing whether it's something we can do.
Sorry for not being able to give a straight answer at this point. Hopefully you will get a better answer soon.

Hi David thanks

Really happy with your reply.
Looking forwards to any follow up with patience.

Enjoy the day