Author Topic: Custom Substance Designer Material taking over an hour to load.  (Read 238 times)

Hey, I have been having a problem with substance painter with loading a specific material made in substance designer. I am wondering if the material is too intense for the program? It seems to load just fine into unity. Below is the said file I'm trying to upload. I'm very new to substance and I've made this material following a tutorial online. I've attached said material below.

Also strangely I cannot log into the forums on Chrome. It gives me a "user does not exist" notice, even when I log in on the primary website. Does this happen to anyone else?

Your material uses an absolute size of 2048, try saving it in Substance Designer with a Relative to parent size set to x1 instead before publishing it.

:D Thank you, I will most definitely do that. I tried looking up how to do that and I'm still a bit unclear on how to achieve that. I have to go into the node properties and shift it to relative to parent?

Double click in an empty part of your graph to access its settings, and set the output size there in the parameters on the top right.

Oh, so I was completely looking in the wrong area :) Thank you again.