Author Topic: Viewport texture update delay/issue when Substance Parameter changed  (Read 439 times)


Lately, my workplace has been pushing substance designer and testing it's integration with Maya. Something I noticed recently is that when I connect a Substance node parameter to a nurbs curve attribute, the texture in the viewport doesn't update until I change the attribute value on the nurbs control twice. So essentially I need to change the value twice in order for the texture to update properly in the viewport. It also would display the last value entered not the current value entered.

Also, if I select the control attribute's name in the Channel Box and middle mouse slide to alter the value the textures in the viewport will update as expected.

I'm using Maya 2018 w/ VRay 3.6. I mention VRay since those are the materials being used.

Anyone experience this issue with sbsar files in Maya and if so, did you find any workarounds?