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I don't really have any major issues, but I would like some aspects clarified please.

(1) Normal maps: Does DirectX = OpenGL + Flipped Y; or openGL = DirectX + Flipped Y ?

(2) Normal maps: Is inverting the green channel in Photoshop the same as flipping the Y channel ?

(3) In Substance Painter, which normal format is best to have the project in (OpenGL or DirectX) if the target is Redshift, and is swapping this format in the middle of a project (in config settings) feasible? I tend to bake my input maps in Marmoset Toolbag (more control), and I THINK the normals from those are in openGL "format", really not sure at this point.

(4) in this documentation , it states to also check "alpha is luminance". I have done some test renders, and whether checked or not, the images are identical.

(5) when using RedshiftNormalMap plugged into the Overall bump channel, RAW is not an option anywhere that I can see, though I think it automatically interprets it as so, as normals usually look totally wrong when in sRGB mode.

(6) I like adding an AO map as I like the look, and know how to hook it up in Maya. I struggle to add the channel in Substance's export settings to the default PBR default preset, or the Redshift_roughness preset, I'm not sure how to add this in the configuration window.

Apologies for the wall of text, I appreciate any answers.


Hi there,

(1) Yes

(2) Yes

(3) It's recommended to use the same Normal map type for every project. For Redshift that is OpenGL.
I think now Substance Painter automatically switch the Normal map format for all base material if you change that in the Project Configuration panel. This way you don't have to change the Normal map type every time in each base material.
Via the Export Configuration panel you can always export the your Normal maps with the required format to your project.

(4) It looks like that doesn't necessary anymore for Redshift. :)

(5) Yes. That's also correct.

(6) You doesn't need the AO maps from Substance Painter. You can use a RedshiftAmbientOcclusion shader in Maya.
If you really want to use that, combine your Base Color file node and the RedshiftAmbientOcclusion shader via RedshiftColorLayer node.
Connect the File node to the Base Layer and connect the Occlusion shader into the Layer 1 color attribute and set the Blend Mode to Multiply.
Cheers, D
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Hi ddankhazi

Thanks very much.

I'm really enjoying using the RedshiftAmbientOcclusion shader.

Yes, I have been plugging the Substance AO maps as you described, but what I'm not sure about is how to actually edit the output configuration in Painter itself - basically adding an AO channel to be exported to the preset (whether the default PBR or the Redshift_roughness preset), as I still sometimes need to light stuff in Marmoset. I have tried adding an AO channel to the export, but it never comes out right.


It’s best not to use the rsNormalMap node, it was semi-recently deprecated (end of January [2.5.53]). The rsBump node can now ingest normal data as well from a standard texture sampler, and you can flip between Height Field and Tangent Space.