Author Topic: Textures created for PBR Metallic Roughness(allegorithmic) vs Unity  (Read 554 times)

Is there any major difference between PBR Metallic Roughness(allegorithmic) and Unity templates which are selected while created at the start of project in Substance Painter.

What are the major default settings that would have a effect in the result between the two templates?

When you creating a new project there is only one difference: the type of the Normal map format (OpenGL vs DirectX).

The big difference is at the export:
Unity using Smoothness not Roughness values. Smoothness (aka. Glossiness) is the inverse of Roughness.
That's the only (and a very big) difference between the two.
At the export you choose the Unity 5 (Standard Metallic) preset you can easily see how it's configured.

I hope this helps.
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