Author Topic: Using Substance Designer Input parameters presets into Painter  (Read 321 times)

Hello there,

First, thanks for your great product.

Recently a new function appears in Substance Designer: ability to create presets on the parameters exposed. So I created many different presets to have a specific results and then named its (example clean wood / wood with moss / dirty wood etc...).
The problem is, once I import my .sbsar into painter, I cannot find these presets ! ><
Am I missing something ??! Or is the function not yet available ?  (to specify I am not using the latest Painter but version 2018.1.0 for production reason).

N.B. : When I check my .sbsar in substance player I am able to access the presets... only painter doesn't allow me to do so.

Painter doesn't support presets yet but it's on our short term todo list.