Author Topic: How to not generate an output? (2018.2)  (Read 314 times)

Hi all, I'm using the new importer for Unity 2018. I would like to completely turn off the generation of Occlusion maps for a particular Substance. If I uncheck the Occlusion box here, the Occlusion map still gets generated and added to my material.

If I leave it checked, and just turn the 'AO Spread' down to 0, the occlusion map is invisible, which is what I want, but I would ideally like to turn off Occlusion generation altogether, as I feel like it would help performance to not have a useless texture in the occlusion slot.

With Occlusion map:


Should I just create an external Standard Shader material and drag in every map except the Occlusion map? Just trying to figure out best practices for this new plugin.

A quick and dirty way to accomplish this would be to export your Substance from Substance Designer without the occlusion map output hooked up. Obviously not the preferred solution, but it should work if nothing else does.

You can also create a new material in Unity and then drag in the Substance outputs to the shader inputs. By creating a new material in Unity, you can use any of the substance outputs you would like or use a different shader as well.

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