Author Topic: please update SP documentation  (Read 756 times)

so i heard you can copy layers over multiple texture sets, but the documentation still says you cant :P

also, why when i got a project with 2 texture sets and when im trying to load a different mesh with a single texture set, everything disappears from the layer stack...wouldnt it be better to keep all texture sets and assign them on mesh load, and then delete those you dont need? please do something about it! it drives me nuts ;D
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The documentation was updated. Thanks for letting us know about it!

I will let our product designers answer about the texture sets.

Director of Product Management & COO

Right now, your texture sets need to have the same material name applied prior to export to be transfered. We are looking into different ways to make this more flexible.

thanks guys! i wish you could go faster with new updates though ::)