Author Topic: Hide/unhide polygons  (Read 16320 times)

Or Allow objects to be loaded by UV!

I'm totally on board with this. This is probably the only missing feature that is keeping me from buying.

If hide/unhide geometry makes it in, I'm buying.

Bump, another vote here. Inside the mouth on a single texture object is a pain on an object with a single texture set.

Painting on the texture doesn't work well where there is a lot geometry close together due to the way the stroke projection works, you get a lot of bleed onto nearby geom.  Painting across IDs isn't ideal for tight spaces.

Perhaps some way of isolating a UV island to paint onto temporarily so that other islands aren't affected? A mask by island?
BUT that's just a work around for hiding/unhiding geom.

Is there something I'm missing, a good work-around for this?
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Can't believe there isn't something like this, still.
It's the reason why most of the times I'd rather paint in Zbrush.

I didn't read all three pages so I don't know if it has been mentioned before.

But what about being able to hide individual meshes within the object?.
We import single objects using a single material but consisting of separated meshes with unique naming conventions, we do this for baking the textures with the _low _high functions, so why not allow to hide/show these separated meshes in a similar way as we do with individual materials?.

This is something that I just talking about with our artists. They would love to be able to hide the poly islands in addition to hiding mesh by material sets.

I understand the potential breaking character of hiding things for non destructiveness/reprojection
But what about clipping planes on the camera then ? This could be used to clip away things for exampel when working on an interior.

It seems just insane to me that you discuss this must have feature for about 4 years now.
It is one of the no-brainers in my opinion, it only needs to aid you when painting.
I need to hide polys to be able to reach areas all the time, the necessity to split your models apart is a major pain.
One reason i only paint in Mari.
another one would be the eraser that is not working in substancePainter like in any
other painting app which just annoys me all the time when i try to paint in substancePainter and have to erase something.