Author Topic: Substance plugin and UE4 texture streaming  (Read 145 times)

One question:

I was searching the forums here for texture streaming in UE4 and have found some threads with answers saying texture streaming is not supported yet, but the threads were old. Does it still holds true? I checked one of the texture generated by the substance factory here and it has the "Never stream" checkbox marked and the option is greyed out - you can't change it.
An answer will be much appreciated.


I join the question.
Or maybe there is some way to convert SubstanceTexture2D to Texture2D without tricky baking materials?
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We are working on texture streaming now. I don't have any new information I can give, but the team is on it : )

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Thanks for the reply! Please, keep us informed on this. I'm making a demo and would be really good to use substance in UE4 to tweak some assets, refine them in the final context. Things like patterns chiseled on metals (that I can also change the image input for variations), terrain grounds etc.