Author Topic: Exported normal map differs from working Normal+Height+Mesh map  (Read 78 times)

Hello. I've noticed 2 bugs.

1. UV Space Neighbor/ 3D Space Neighbor export bug

For example we have following mesh:

UV shells of blue and red parts are separate as shown below

Both parts are filled with diffuse and height maps. Height value of blue one is higher and since UV shells are separate resulting Normal+Height+Mesh map looks completely flat in viewer:

But exported map looks like this:

which results in following picture inside Substance Painter and any 3D viewer if we apply our exported map:

All this was made with UV Padding option in TEXTURE SET SETTINGS set to UV Space Neighbor. Seems like SP sets this parameter to 3D Space Neighbor when exporting because if we look at next picture with this option (not exported map), we'll see similar result:

And looks like it happens to normal map only.

2. Noise bug

Also, when exporting normal map, the noise appears

I've kinda managed to solve this. The format of normal map in TEXTURE SET SETTINGS is RGB16F and if we export files as 16bit tga the result will be clean. But the thing is that it wasn't the problem in earlier versions (at least 2018.1.0 if I'm not mistaken). I've found someone has similar problem but in Substance Designer which wasn't solved.
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Any ideas?

The exported file looks fine to me. You may not be aware of what the padding is, so I suggest reading this :

Regarding the noise, this is expected if you export to 8bit files. We apply dithering to reduce banding issue (as explained on this page : ). You can export 16bit png instead if you want it. We may expose a more direct way to disable it in the future but we don't have any ETA for that.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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No, I am aware of what padding is and it's not about padding for sure.
My point is that exported map differs from the map that is displayed in SP viewport, so after exporting you get different result which is very annoying. Try to reproduce this in older version and you'll see - both exported and working versions of normal map will be the same.

To be more exact the problem is that normal border appears which should not in case when height map ends at the edge of a UV-shell. It had always been like this until recent update and it was very handy when you needed sharp edges. And IT IS like that with all the rest maps.

So please, fix it or make some check/uncheck box for switching this option on and off.
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