Author Topic: Unity substance asset 2.2.2 destroys the prefabs, dangerous!  (Read 103 times)

Unity substance asset 2.2.2 is dangerous, I cannot recommend it to anyone. Just by re-importing parts of the project can lead to broken prefabs. I had this issue now 2 times. I will use an older substance asset version and will stay with net core 3.5. The message comes up with the issue the prefab has been serialized with the newer version in unity 2018.3.0f2 and in 2018.3.9f1.

And it still does unfortunately (It seems it tries to touch every prefab for some reason, it even modifies scenes on disk that don't even contain substances; it's as if it tries some kind of name-matching for assets). I hope allegorithmic can get it fixed soon. It's been in beta for far too long now.