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We now have an easy process, common for all of our products, to report bugs.

You can simply click on the "Report a bug" widget on the right side of the browser, or send us a mail at

This is the only process to make sure the bug is well reported! Any other ways (forum, contact form, etc.) is not safe, so please send mails to this address if you find a bug.

Each email is transformed automatically into a ticket in our bugtracker, and goes into "Triage". Our team processes those tickets (try to reproduce, check if it's a duplicate, etc.) and may contact you to get further details.

For Substance Designer users: With Substance Designer 3.7, you can export the log file by going the Help Menu and chose "Export Log File". This file is really useful for us, please include it for each bug report.
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You might want to direct the "Report a Bug" menu option within Substance Designer to a mailto link or something.

Right now, in substance designer 4, if you use Help -> Report a Bug, it simply goes to and there is nothing on that page regarding bug reports.

Well, I guess mabye I should email this as a bug to that email address..  ;)