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Hi I'm new to Substance Designer 5! I was on the video tutorial called "Substance for Unity: Chapter 02-02 Creating the rock material part one" and I was trying to instance the Rock_Shape graph into the Rocks graph, but the instance node comes out entirely red. I've followed the directions with changing the output sizes and I also have output computation set as no. How do I fix this? The parent graph is set to 256x256.

Hey, did you put an output node on the original graph ?

Hey, did you put an output node on the original graph ?

I haven't. I did use a base material with height and normal as inputs, and then set it to be viewed in the 3D view, but I've deleted that before instancing the graph into another one. I also have output computation set as no.

you need to have outputs if you want to be able to use your graph as a node in another graph

Hi there!

I picked up this tutorial a few days ago via the Allegorithmic youtube channel. And followed everything practically step by step. The texture looks amazing considering how I have only just started using this software, the only issue I have right now is that it's not lighting up correctly in the 3D view. The area where the light is falling on the 3D cube is blacked out yet on the other side of the cube it appears to be light correctly only from certain angles however.

I am running Substance Designer 5.4.0

I also have two other issues there appears to be a red dashed line for the connections in both my Curvature and the Occlusion section from the tutorial, what does this mean?

Any help regarding these issues would be greatly appreciated! :)

hey, it's because you try to blend a uniform color node with a grayscale one (not possible)
--> turn you black uniform color into a grayscale and it should work (you may have to unplug and replug the nodes

tip: if you see a red link it means you have a problem ;-)

My mask does not seem to be effecting the pebbles at all Any Ideas on why not?

Well I found the fix in the comments of the next place i went looking after this thread.

Anyone else having this problem the fix was simple as could be

 In your pebbles graph, double click on your Tile Sampler node, scroll down to the Color section and change the Map Mask Threshold to something other than 0. I changed it to 0.02 and it appeared that the pebbles were now being affected by the mask. I could be way off but this helped me.

So I opend the zip package to use as ref and also tryed it with the tutorials on my own .. but in contrast to the tutorial the material looks a lot more plain (color and normal looks flatter) so I was wondering if there is something in the viewer options or the like why it looks so different ...?`