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All of the texture work (apart from HUD art) seen in this trailer was made in Designer 5.x by myself. We are a tiny indie team of 3, and are very excited to finally be launching a closed playtest of our game, Vox Machinae. If you would like to see the game for yourselves, along with the chance to help us shape the way it's being developed, feel free to sign up for the playtest.

Hope you guys like it, thanks for your interest and time.

Hi All,

I've always wanted to know if it's possible to generate output files in the TIF format with compression on. The TIF format supports both layers and compression, but I have never found a way to enable this inside of SD. Does anyone know if it's possible?

Hi All,

Just thought start an ongoing progress thread about our game Vox Machinae, in which the textures are almost entirely made using Substance Designer. I'd like to start by sharing a bit of promotional material that showcases some of the work being done. Enjoy!

Hi all,

As you may have read from other posts here, I've been messing around with Batchtools a lot, and one of the things I have to do a lot is generate SBSAR files so I can perform batches on them.

The thing is, it takes a very long time to make them using my graphs, and I'm wondering what I can do to bring that time down. I suspect it has something to do with my source maps, of which there are about a dozen and they are each 4k. Anyone know if this would be the main influence on generating time?

Hi All,

I have been recently dabbling in accelerating my workflow through using the batchtools. Sadly I am no scripting ninja, or commandline wizard for that matter. I am able to get the baker to bake 1 map for 1 sub-mesh, but I don't know how to set up the syntax within the same command to process additional sub-meshes to additional maps. Does anyone know how to go about it? is it even possible within the same command?

I'd love to know, thanks.

Hi there,

I've been recently trying to troubleshoot another ongoing issue I've been having (AO baker crashes SD) and in doing so was looking through the preferences to see if anything was amiss. Then I decided to click on the 3D view tab in the preferences, and CRASH. This happens every time, consistently. Would love to know what's going on here!

Hi all,

There's one effect I've always wanted to be able to accomplish, but alas my pixel processor skills are sorely lacking. If anyone out there could lend me a hand it would be appreciated!

Basically I would love to take a mask that has multiple patches/islands and be able to add brightness variation within those islands. I've created some images to illustrate the desired effect:

Hi all,

I've been mucking around lately with the SD batchtools, and was trying to generate a SBSAR(which is required to render out images) with sbscooker and then rendering that with sbsrender. Unfortunately, the cooker spits out this error and doesn't process the file into an SBSAR file:

QSettings::endGroup: No matching beginGroup()
     Found default packages at: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Substance Designer 5/resources/packages
ERR: (Error 6) Cannot open the package
ERR: Cooking fail [Error 6]

C:\sp2\substances>"C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance BatchTools\5\sbsrender" render --output-format png "C:\sp2\substances\"
Error: Input file content is not a valid package.

Can someone please help me understand what I'm doing wrong? If I manually generate the SBSAR file inside of SD can use the sbsrender fine, it's just the cooker that seems to be upset at me.

Hi All,

This one has always bothered me a bit about the SD workflow. Basically I would like to be able to export at a higher resolution than the one I am working with in the graph. I find that for fast workflow, I typically want to be working at around 1k in the graph and for previews, but ultimately I need my maps to end up at 4k for use externally. I would like to know if something like this is possible, since it's a real pain to have to manually jack up the graph's size, wait 5-10min for the graph to compute at that higher res (while hoping SD doesn't crash), and then export the maps.

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to setup the pixel processor to merge a tangent normal map into a global normal map. Since SD's graph workflow involves mostly tangent normals, it would be super useful for someone such as me who needs to output global normals but needs to work with tangent normals within the SD graphs.

I know there is a way to spit out a tangent map and then feed that map back into a baker to get a global normal map, I just find that it's not a great workflow, as you have to keep exporting files and then loading them back in. The other problem with this approach is that you must also have the source 3D model loaded into SD for it to work. There must be a way to harness the powers of the pixel processor to accomplish this task!

Any help in the area of what kind of maths is involved would be greatly appreciated, since my programming knowledge is terrible at best.

Hi all,

Wanted to share an interesting effect used in our indie game project, Vox Machinae. I'd like to show how we are using the power of Substance Designer's noises to create animated special effects, more specifically, 3d explosions.

The idea is to bake and combine 4 different seeds/frames of a UV mapped noise pattern into 1 texture. Then in Unity our shader will kind of morph between the patterns at a varying speed and intensity to form a dynamic flame effect. The noise pattern is also used to push out the geometry to form more complex shapes and undulation. Thanks to SD's tri-planar projection feature, the noise patterns blend seamlessly across the geometry, which would otherwise be a very difficult task.

Here's an in-engine video capture of just the geometry effect, and some screenshots (though the pictures don't do it justice): (incase the embedded video doesn't work)

Hi all,

Has anyone ever had their entire node library dissapear after hitting the "rebuild library" option from the preferences menu? It used to work as a way to refresh the library, and have it detect newly added library nodes but now it only seems to destroy the whole library for me. Can someone please provide assistance with this issue?

Finally took the lid off our latest indie game title called Vox Machinae, so I figure I'd show you guys some art that was made using Substance Designer. Please be aware that this is all still WIP, and that the title is in very early alpha. There is lots of info about it, and tons of screenshots too at our product website:

All the Robots, cockpit and even the pilot are made fully using only substance designer. We hope to eventually evaluate substance painter integration in the future, but that is time and budget permitting.

Basically what I got is an FBX model that contains many objects, and each object is getting a bakemap made from it. The problem is, designer likes to auto-name it based on the 3d-model's name, but not the current selected object that is getting a bakemap. It sucks to have to manually enter a filename for each one, when it can clearly read the onject names as shown on the lefthand object list view. There also appears to be wildcards I can set where I type in the filename, but there is no documentation that shows a list of the valid wildcards.

Hi all,

Some time ago (maybe half a year ago or so...) I stumbled upon a little tutorial on how to align an fxmap pattern image to contour to a surface, which just happens to be an effect I need to reproduce now. Problem is, I can't seem to find that tutorial anymore on the allegorithmic site ( I originally saw it as a link somewhere within the online documentation's FXmap section i think). Does anyone know where I might be able to find it again? thanks!

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