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The Titan God of Spatial Perdition.

In the vastness of space lie untold resourses where all their numbers deny permanents to their place in time. Destinies rise and have been felled as the numbers divide amongst them all attainable resourses, casting ripples outward, exposing their true power. Through these waves they are no longer hidden and have found no recourse, save, that they together, continue to move through time.

One, who was thought to be a number, broke free of the limits from time, but in doing so, could no longer control the division of resources in both time and space. Control over the numbers themselves became its form and name. But in this form of powerlessness, its division became absolute, not only from the resourses but from all other numbers, where only nothing is divided against it. Beginning before any of all that is known, its shape has found design in what it is no longer, infinite magnitude solely lacking velocity, the unattainable niche.

Now from before, and through to beyond the vast chaos, the power of pure entropy has come to restore . . .


This is the first of many Titans that are being sent from The Chaos Void to search for the elusive FarNiche, and any who have taken refuge therein.

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