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Could you please contact sales(at)allegorithmic(dot)com so they can work on finding a solution for your specific case?

Thank you

Content - Substance Source - Re: Source Home Page
 on: April 04, 2019, 06:08:21 pm 
We are aware of the issue and have been working on solving it.
Right now it does look quite horrifying when you are not prepared for it!

Hi @conradsly
Have you been able to login since?

Hi @spacegeek

Indeed it looks like a problem occured at some point and that you were not credited the points you should have.
They have now been added to your account.

Sorry for the trouble this caused you!


There are two type of pro licences that give access to Substance source.
The first one (which is probably what you have here) is a Substance Source site licence. Your company can share materials between the studio, and it is possible to download the whole library. It is possible to do that from the Allegorithmic account that owns the licence.
If that is your case, you need either to ask to have the access to the account, or ask the company staff to download the entire library and send it to you/put it on a server which you can access.
The other possibility is the substance Pro Subscription, which gives you access to 30 material downloads per month. As it node-locked per user, you should also have access to the Allegorithmic account to log in and download the materials from the Substance Source website.

Hi Ivan,

Indeed it has been slow earlier today, it is back to normal now but don't hesitate to let us know if it happens to you again

Hi @Caio Agostinho 0

It is not possible to anticipate next payment, but it is possible to purchase some extra points if you need them (however we are aware it is not the most practical solution).

You can subscribe for an additional Substance subscription with the same account, only for one month for example, and you will get 30 additionnal downloads. You can then unsubscribe before the end of the month if you don't think you will need more points the next month, as the points do not decay over time you will keep them even if you have unsubscribed you will not have to worry about having to use them all in a short amount of time.

The option to log out was indeed missing when using Firefox.
It has been fixed since, you should be able to log out using the "X" next to "My account" now

I am actually having this same problem. It's been a couple of weeks now. Not sure if I need to update something, but I cannot see any materials. Everything is blank.

Hi, this problem has been fixed in the latest version of the Substance in UE4 plugin.
Sorry about the trouble

Indeed this is something that we had not thought of.
Thank you for your feedback, we'll see what we can do and find a solution for your problem.

Hi @Molecule

Could you please let me know what you need the name of the category for?
We designed the new UI this way because from our understanding it was not useful for the user of the platform as the tags present in the popup under the name of the material can help people refine their search better than the category could, and I would be interested in knowing how you used this information.

Thank you

Hi @spacegeek

Unfortunately for the real time 3D player we are currently working with the limitations of Sketchfab, and it does not work that well when there are tiny holes in a material (like it is the case for most fabric materials).

However the team is working on improving it, so stay tuned ;)

Hi @Teriander @headtrip @SimeBardo

The issue that occured yesterday has been fixed and should not happen again.
Sorry about the trouble it caused you

Hi @Ricemachine88 , @Gustavo Machado

We had an issue with the previews yesterday in the Substance Source integrations following an update on the main website, but things have been fixed now so you should not have problems of that type anymore.

Please let me know if the issue is not resolved on your side


With the Substance plugin in Unreal Engine you should be able to open the Substance Source integration by clicking on the logo between "marketplace" and "settings".
Once the Substance Source window is open you should see a "free with Unreal Engine" tab on the left, with the 25 materials free for all Unreal Engine 4 users plus the 12 materials which are free for all our users.

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