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You would need to make the first column of pixel processor nodes that generate the 3d positions output in 16bpc otherwise the you will end up with such quantization artifacts.

For #1, this has been discussed a lot. We have not found a convenient way to make this work in the context of Designer yet. The issue comes from the fact that Substance nodes have typed inputs and outputs (number of channels, bit-depth, etc.), and often multiple inputs and outputs, which makes it complicated to define what "bypassing" means for most of them. See e.g. the discussion here :,9942

For #3, you can easily build a "null" node by creating a graph and directly connect an input to an output. There's also a "dot" splitter for connections, although it cannot be used to "fork" connections, which I agree would be useful.

Also, we have recently added a Uservoice page to post requests and vote for material types you would like to see added to Substance Source :

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