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with a sharp black/white contrast, you will always get height artefacts, if you zoom in close enough.

easiest way to get rid of it is to use a subtle HQ blur.

Also for the tessellation values (not sure which one is the resolution), try typing in a higher value, often the max number can be increased

off the top of my head: either your deer head layer doesn´t affect opacity, or the other layers are the reason for a uniform opacity.
how does you opacity buffer look like in the viewport?

strange. the only thing that would come to my mind is the difference between material picking and color picking, but I guess that´s not the issue here?

the tutorials on the substance youtube channel are great

Hi Guys

I was surprised I could not find an obvious answer this question (maybe because the answer is obvious  ;D) but I am wanting to know if you can (seemlessly) use Subatnace Designer Generators in Substance Painter?

you can use a substance (the published sbsar format) in painter seamlessly (defining base materials, or creating procedural mask generators like the scratches generator, filters etc).

more info:

is Alchemist supposed to replace B2M?

afaik: yes

there are several things I don't like / don't understand about this make it tile node.

first it seems to me, that the sliders with the letter "H" (like "horizontal") actually control vertical tiling and the other way around for "V" (in contrary to what is written here

secondly I am unable to use this node to only make a texture tile horizontally OR vertically. Even if I set all values to zero, there is still some offset happening. This might be intentional, but I would like a node with all values set to zero do nothing.

For a node, which is as important as this one, I would have hoped for less confusion on my end - but maybe it's just because it's Monday morning...

I see, now I get it. Thanks for your patience :)

not sure, for what else than baking the highpoly could be used?

I'll need the files linked, so I will have to live with the loading...

thanks for your reply, Nicolas

so if you have a number of highres meshes linked, like I do, this is super annoying. Good to know, that there is a reason for this :)

however maybe this could be happening in the background?

I already mentioned this before, but I would love to know, why substance designer is loading the 3d model upon launch/linking, and then is loading it again for baking?

Any idea how to make it work: curved + no seams?

by making the texture seamless/tile

your blend nodes are set to 8bit (L8)

set the graph to 16bit and the blend nodes bit depth ("output format") to "relative to parent"

The ID workflow exists as it is because that's the workflow used by most game developers today, but the option in the new project dialog is a good suggestion!

I am confused. Are you implying that most game developers want to generate multiple sets of textures for single UV tile on a single object? :O

I have yet to see a single serious game developer who prefers to keep most of the space on his texture unused...

I think Jeremie is simpy implying, that often texture sets per material ID make sense, of course not to create empty texture space, but rather to be able to manage multiple texture-pages at a time.

Most likely everyone would agree with your suggestion to be able to select, how to use material IDs.
I mentioned this before, and I totally agree with what you write, and I would love to see consistent material IDs throughout 3dsMax, ZBrush and Painter.

I created a uservoice idea for your suggestion, I hope it´s ok, that I quoted you:

this thread might be of interest to you as well:,22976.msg97176.html#msg97176

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