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Any idea how to make it work: curved + no seams?

by making the texture seamless/tile

your blend nodes are set to 8bit (L8)

set the graph to 16bit and the blend nodes bit depth ("output format") to "relative to parent"

The ID workflow exists as it is because that's the workflow used by most game developers today, but the option in the new project dialog is a good suggestion!

I am confused. Are you implying that most game developers want to generate multiple sets of textures for single UV tile on a single object? :O

I have yet to see a single serious game developer who prefers to keep most of the space on his texture unused...

I think Jeremie is simpy implying, that often texture sets per material ID make sense, of course not to create empty texture space, but rather to be able to manage multiple texture-pages at a time.

Most likely everyone would agree with your suggestion to be able to select, how to use material IDs.
I mentioned this before, and I totally agree with what you write, and I would love to see consistent material IDs throughout 3dsMax, ZBrush and Painter.

I created a uservoice idea for your suggestion, I hope it´s ok, that I quoted you:

this thread might be of interest to you as well:,22976.msg97176.html#msg97176

the way how different 3D packages are handling material IDs is a horrible mishmash. I recently tried to figure out ways how to preserve material ID colors through ZBrush and SPainter, but to no success.

unfortunatley there doesn´t seem to be a smart way to preserve material IDs - which must be a major issue for numerous production pipelines out there. One of the issues, which should be fixed across 3D packages.

here are the threads:,26361.msg103178.html#msg103178

I think you are jumping to conclusions here.

IMO this is not a bug, but simply the higher resolution changes the way the filters work, and so you are getting this difference between 2k and 4k

so you have to author it at 4k to see what you get

if you select "directX" or "openGL" when starting a new project (so in the "new project" window), Painter will remember this setting as a default.
At least, that´s what my Painter is doing  ;)

you don´t need bitmap2material with such a neat heightmap. Hopefully it´s 16bit?

just drag and drop it into your graph, choose linked or imported.

since a good substance graph is derived from a heightmap anyway, you can create everything you need from this heightmap. i

recommended nodes: height to normal, ambient occlusion (HBAO)

don´t forget to set your graph to 16bit or higher as well, when working with heightmaps.

just drag and drop it into the graph and then decide, if you want it imported or linked

the inflatable is my favorite

:) I really like ZBrush´s way of assigning hotkeys: ctrl+alt click a button, assign, done.

thanks for your summary, Vincent. I agree, that the emotional response of the community is a good thing, and it´s just natural, that there is a bit of insults and trolling in the mix.

Allegorithmic really showed the industry how to re-think software, workflows, interaction with the community, pricing - simply put: Allegorithmic was leading the way during the last years.

At the same time, we all know, that companies like Autodesk or Adobe have lost touch with the industry and more importantly: with the artists. They are abusing their monopoly position to everyone´s disadvantage. Have you ever tried to assign a hotkey to a brush in photoshop? Or how is it possible, that 3dsMax still doesn´t allow to have the UV editor open while editing geometry?

And I think this is the real reason for so many Allegorithmic users being so upset: Because Allegorithmic exposed this weakness in the most elegant way: Be the change you want to see in the world!

In last years Allegorithmic´s survey, I wrote: Buy Adobe and kick some asses. Well, it didn´t work out that way, unfortunately, but I still hope, that Allegorithmic wll make a dent in the way Adobe does things, because there is so much to improve...

regarding mixamo: the good thing about the changes since adobe: rigging and animations are free now (not sure for how long)
the bad thing: many features got stripped away: fuse, blending animations using online tools, and more importantly: the control rig

not sure, if those features are still available somehow, I just can't find them on the mixamo website anymore

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